Sink me, the lady is a poet.

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According to my tour guide in Beijing this is called “Chenglish.”


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got no problem with watching a full season of tv in one sitting but when it comes time to pick a movie im like “am i really ready to pay attention to something for two hours”

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in the Ancestral Temple, Beijing (March 23, 2014)

Scandal: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

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God I hope this is true.

Oh my god it is.

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Fun fact: The Beatles used to forge each others autographs when the others weren’t around. Each of these pieces of paper shows one Beatle signing for the others.

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But where does Dockery begin and the equally resolute Lady Mary end? “I’m asked this a lot, but I still have to think about it. Really, I’m so different from her,” Dockery demurs. “I love that she’s so complex. She’s very modern in that sense because she’s more than a strong woman: She’s witty, vicious even. She doesn’t suffer fools, yet she’s sensitive. She’s a mixed bag, and I enjoy playing those sides of her.”

-Michelle Dockery for Miami Magazine March 2014

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how do people on tumblr become so interesting that people actually willingly ask them about their life like i’ve been here for 3 years and i’m pretty sure half of you don’t even know my name

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you never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.

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Raw Berry Tart with a Coconut Pastry Cream (vegan, gluten-free)

I used to think that making tarts was a complicated process, but it is really quite simple. You will need a 9 or 10-inch tart pan with a removable bottom, which can be found on or your local kitchen store. For this recipe I use my standard nut-date crust which is pressed into the pan. Then the filling is added and topped with whatever berries or fresh fruit you have on hand. Raw tarts come together so quickly!

Click here for the recipe

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I would see the glory of Gondor restored. Have you ever seen it, Aragorn? The White Tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, its banners caught high in the morning breeze. Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?

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When Rose Byrne went to breakfast at The Standard, Downtown LA

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